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How to Export All Your Evernote Notes to Markdown

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Quickly sync all your notes into the SQLite database for backup. Export all backed up notes in *.enex format, as notebooks or single notes.

pip install --user evernote-backup

Step 1. Database initialization

By default, it will prompt you to enter your account credentials. You can provide them beforehand with --user and --password options.

If you log in to Evernote with Google or Apple accounts, you must use the --oauth option.

To connect to Yinxiang instead of Evernote, use --backend china option. Unfortunately, OAuth is not supported for Yinxiang yet.

log in to Evernote with Google:

evernote-backup init-db --oauth

Step 2. Downloading Evernote data

evernote-backup sync

Step 3. Exporting *.enex files

By default, evernote-backup will export notes by packing them into notebooks, one *.enex file each. If you want to extract notes as separate files, use the --single-notes flag.

evernote-backup export --single-notes evernote-enex-backup/

Step 4. Convert it into markdown

useHashTags should set to false to avoid tags get hash prefix like #tagname

markdown template:

{title-block}title: {title}{end-title-block}
{created-at-block}date: {created-at}{end-created-at-block}
{updated-at-block}lastmod: {updated-at}{end-updated-at-block}
{source-url-block}sourceurl: {source-url}{end-source-url-block}
tags: {tags-array}

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