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Paru -- The New AUR Helper

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paru 是什么?

根据 paru 作者在 reddit 的描述

paru v1.0.0 and stepping away from yay

Last week I announced my new AUR helper paru.

Since then a lot of testing has gone in and a lot of bugs fixed by me and help from contributors.

So I am now announcing paru v1.0.0 and consider it stable.

I'd also like to mention I no longer plan to work on yay. I've been co-developing yay with jguer over the past 3 years. Most of the features and design being done by me.

I've had no motivation and no real involvement with the project for quite a while now. So I'm officially deciding to move on to something new.

Jguer is still there, so there's no need to panic and move away from yay. Just don't expect much new development on it.

所以, parau 的作者之前也是yay的共同开发者。yay 是采用 Golang 编写的 AUR helper, 而新的 paru 采用 Rust 实现。

changes from yay

paru 首个版本发布时,作者在release log 里描述了它与 yay 的区别。


  • Added --nocheck
  • Added --develsuffixes
  • Added --installDebug
  • Added NoWarn
  • Added syntax highlighting to pkgbuild printing
  • Auto detection for pacman-git. Paru will build against pacman-git's API


  • Remove --timeupdate, --requestsplitn
  • Remove --save -Pg --Pd -Ps
  • Remove -Gf
  • Remove --cleanmenu
  • Remove -Y/--yay, stuff like --gendb still work even though they belonged to -Y


  • List based flags now append instead of overwriting existing settings
  • Packages are now cloned to ~/.cache/paru/clone by default
  • Use asp for repo pkgbuilds
  • Improve news printing
  • Formatting changes to be more pacman like
  • -Yc accounts for makedeps for aur packages
  • Devel info is now saved to devel.json
  • Devel info schema change
  • Sources are no longer downloaded in batch
  • Only treat packages matching develsuffixes as devel


# archlinux cn repo users
sudo pacman -S paru

# other users
sudo pacman -S --needed base-devel
git clone
cd paru
makepkg -si


  • paru : 相当于 paru -Syu (If no arguments are provided 'paru -Syu' will be performed)
  • paru <用户输入>:搜索并安装“用户输入”
  • paru -Sua:仅升级 AUR 包。
  • paru -Qua:打印可用的 AUR 更新
  • paru -Gc <用户输入>:显示“用户输入”的 AUR 评论

paru 配置

要在 paru 中启用颜色,你必须先在 pacman 中启用它。编辑 /etc/pacman.conf ,确保 Color 选项是打开的即可 (老灯发现其实默认是打开的)。

paru的配置文件位于 /etc/paru.conf

paru 有个叫 BottomUp 的选项,打开之后,包的显示顺序会倒过来(比如原来排名第一的,会显示在最底部),这样做的理由是:优先级较高的包,通过倒序显示后,离 Prompt 最近了,也就是离我们视线的关注点最近了。


如果需要编辑 PKGBUILD,需要打开parau配置文件中的 FileManager 选项。安装 vifm : sudo pacman -S vifm


FileManager = vifm


另外一点,与yay不同的是,对于 paru, 你所做的任何改变都将是永久性的,下次升级软件包时,你的改变将与上游软件包合并。